Fans and pumps

moteurs et pompes

In industrial or other applications where it is necessary to move a gaseous or liquid fluid, pumps and fans are used. Pumps are used in a wide range of sectors, whether it be commercial, residential or industrial. Some municipalities use pumps to bring drinking water to buildings, for water treatment, etc. In the industrial sector, pumps are used for process, heating or air conditioning. Pumps can be available in several types, sizes and materials depending on the application. Pumps can be classified into two main categories: centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. The type of pump depends on the environment in which it operates, i.e. pressure, flow, corrosion, temperature, etc. Sometimes pumps are used to transfer heat from one point to another and work in conjunction with heat exchangers, boilers or chillers. The efficiency of a pump can vary greatly (35% to 90% depending on its point of use). This is why the selection of a pump is important to ensure that the system works efficiently and for a long time. This equipment can be energy consuming without proper maintenance.

Motor maintenance

Many pump and fan models are belt driven. Regular checking and adjustment of belt tension and pulley alignment will ensure efficient operation of the pump or fan. Regular lubrication and cleaning of fan parts is also important. Filters should be cleaned or replaced at the proper time and at regular intervals.

In ventilation systems, ducts should be cleaned and inspected regularly. If leaks are discovered, repairing them will help make the system more efficient. Energy can easily be saved by turning off fans when they are not needed. Inexpensive measures can be taken to improve the efficiency of a ventilation system. For example, it is possible to optimize the airflow in the system by balancing the dampers. This ensures balanced air distribution and occupant comfort. If the ventilation system is controlled by motion sensors, significant savings can be achieved.

In plumbing, if the pump seals are of the “gland packing” type, replacing them with mechanical seals will require much less energy from the motors.

Variable frequency drives (VFD)

Installing variable speed motors allows the flow of water or air to be adjusted according to need. Replacing obsolete units with more efficient units of adequate capacity is sometimes the best solution. Replacing a large central system with several sub-systems that meet the needs of their respective zones allows for optimal energy use. If a variable speed drive is not used for applications where pump selection is not done accurately because of the use of a valve to select the required flow rate there may be excessive noise when the valve is below 50%. People may use bypass lines. There can be a lot of pressure on the seals and other accessories of the pump itself.

Fans and pumps can consume lots of energy. Applying the measures covered in this article can greatly improve their performance. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to contact our consulting engineering firm and check out our other articles.

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