Solar PV Systems (Photovoltaïc)

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Would you like to have a tan? Do warm sun rays on your skin make you happy? Guess what, PV cells are crazy about them too!

Photovoltaic cells convert direct sunlight into electricity by using semi-conductors. Discovered by scientists in Bell Telephone laboratories, this technology is widely used to power homes, businesses, calculators, satellites, etc. PV technologies are found on the market. PV modules built of several cells are then arranged into PV arrays. PV arrays are then wired in a combiner box. The electricity generated from these modules is DC (Direct Current). Since most of our equipment works AC (Alternative Current) power, the solar power source needs to be conditioned through the means of an inverter. Then the inverter is connected directly to the grid.

Once the system is purchased, this allows to have a free renewable source of energy. Such solar systems have a life span between 25 and 40 years.

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