Ecovision Consultants is a dynamic multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Our engineering firm provides engineering services of building systems. These services include electrical and mechanical engineering. As an engineering firm, Ecovision Consultants distinguishes itself through its experience and expertise in developing green engineering strategies to provide cost-effective energy solutions for construction and renovation of new and existing buildings. Energy and monetary savings of our projects vary between 20% and 50%. We can go up to 100% or Net-zero and perform grant application management.


This is what we are committed to:

  • Being available and listening;
  • Be on the lookout for the latest technologies;
  • Bring innovative solutions on the table;
  • To be a model citizen by respecting our environment;


Our office policies :

  • We only use 100% recycled paper or 95% sugar cane fiber;
  • Whenever possible, we favour electronic files over paper copies;
  • Whenever possible, we use the back of our spreadsheets;
  • We return recyclable materials;
  • We favor natural materials as office supplies;
  • For lighting, we use natural light as much as possible;
  • We plant trees at the end of each year to reduce our impact on the environment.

All these measures reduce our impact on the environment.

Write us if you have any suggestions or project in mind that we can help you with!

We translate our client's ideas into reality.

Ecovision is happy to help you through it's experience and expertise. We design electrical and mechanical systems of buildings. Our focus on energy efficiency and sustainability makes our services unique.

We get excited by innovative projects. Making your buildings more efficient is like a puzzle for us, we work with passion!

engineering colaboration

A single-minded focus on getting results.

A happy customer brings a smile to our face. That is why we make sure we understand the customer's needs and focus fulfilling them.

Responsive design that will fit your needs

We believe that communication is the key to align our services to your vision.

Project Planning


Communications and quality control


Project follow-up