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Our Team of energy consultants survey existing properties, analyzes utility bills and meters critical assets to provide you with a clear understanding of your energy consumption pattern. Our analysis provides you with a tool to help you make decisions on how to decrease operating costs through the reduction of energy bills.

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    A level I ASHRAE energy audit gives a quick glimpse at avenues of energy reduction through a site discovery. This is a very light step to provide the owner/tenant with a draft.

    A level II ASHRAE energy audit is an in-depth study. Electrical bills are analyzed by our team and energy systems are investigated. A report is given with a list of energy savings measures, their costs and ROI. This energy assessment helps the owner/tenant to make an informed decision.

    A Level III ASHRAE energy audit is an even deeper study. At this stage critical energy systems are monitored to established trends and utilize all opportunities to use energy saving techniques.  This is a great asset when making decisions regarding capital investments.