Lighting simulation

We use well known and respected software in the industry such as: AGI32 lighting analyst and Dialux. From indoors to outdoors and road-lights, we make sure that the space is lit to your standard as well as to the local authority.

Lighting selection

Our Team looks for ways to meet standards using high efficiency lighting systems. Selecting the latest technology, looking at Color Rendering Index (CRI), and checking the appropriate light level according to the activity. The color of the walls affects light reflection. We are here to simplify the process for you and bring you a space to your taste.

Quality Control

As designers, it is important to make sure that the design meets your needs. Quality control allows us to grasp the desired effect.


As light consultants during the development phase we look at the light temperature to match the ambiance of the space. A warm light translates into a relaxed environment that is appropriate for spaces such as lobbies, saunas, etc. Yet a cool light stimulates productivity and cleanliness so it is appropriate for places such as offices, medical clinics, work spaces etc.

  • Development
  • Performance

    It is important that the light be at a proper level to be able to do activities that we need to do (reading, sport, etc.). Beyond that, as light consultants we need to select a light source that has a color redenring that matches the activity. For example in an art gallery color is an important factor as it could change the appearance of the art.

  • Performance
  • Analytics

    Light consultancy looks into details such as the energy performance of the light fixture, the environment (clean, dusty, etc.), the ability of the lighting system to bring the light to where we need it to be. We are here to select a road lighting system that wil respond to your needs.

  • Analytics
    • Photometric Study

      We provide photometric studies through simulations software or light readings.


      We love to create unique sets through intricate designs.

      High-quality fonts

      Color rendering Index is a factor used to select proper lighting in areas where the activity requires attention to details (textile shops, art gallery, architecture offices, etc.)

      Perfect grid system

      Lighting arrangement plays a role in bringing proper lighting levels.

      We are here help you build a better lighting system

      Customer satisfaction




      Lighting design


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