Net Zero Consultants

As net zero consultants, we can help you reduce your building or real estate portfolio energy bills and bring your carbon emissions to zero. This is achieved through energy efficiency, renewable energy production and by integrating minimal carbon offsetting to the solution.

Ecovision Consultants is a dynamic team of net zero consultants. Ecovision Consultants distinguishes itself through its experience and expertise in developing green engineering strategies. We analyze available options and suggest cost-effective energy solutions for construction and renovation of new and existing buildings. We help you navigate through the Net-Zero energy and carbon path. Providing you support with grant application to fast forward your projects and reduce return on investment time.

Wanting a zero energy and carbon building is an ambitious yet achievable goal. This movement is gaining momentum. People today are more and more conscious of the need for energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. If you have in mind a net zero project, whether energy or carbon, you are to be commended.

How we can help

How do we go about helping you achieve a zero energy and/or carbon building?

If it is an existing building, we start with an in-depth site visit to assess energy bills and energy systems, and to understand how they perform. We then benchmark against the industry’s national average to see how your building performs. If it is a new building, we can provide a net zero design or work with the existing design team to offer guidance and net zero strategies. At this stage, an energy model is prepared by our net zero consultants.

Net Zere consultants

Our energy consultants brainstorm avenues of energy and Green House Gas (GHG) reduction. We evaluate implementation costs and potential yearly savings. Our net zero consultants simulate yearly energy production of renewable solutions.

As net zero consultants, we help you to evaluate the return on investment and to find available grants that reduce the investment. The data gathered is then compiled into a report, which is presented to you in a workshop in order to detail the options available to reach your zero energy and carbon goals, and to discuss what the next logical steps would be.


We invite you to give us a call or write to us and one of our consultants will be happy to help.

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