Here are a few of the projects we have designed:

Solar PV Projects:

Maho Sint Martin: 1 MW

Being renewable Solar PV, provides a means of continuous power generation thus providing a free source of energy after the return on investment period. In view of the high energy costs in Sint Maarten, it was a smart investment.  The solar plant peak power capacity has been stepped up to 1.1MWp. This increase in energy production will result in an annual energy yield of about 1,800 MWh of clean electricity according to simulations thus removing 500 tons of Carbon emissions from the atmosphere and providing a green corporate image. Simulations showed that the solar plant would generate yearly savings of about 504,000$ (@28cents/kWh).

Sint Maarteen deluxe Villas

Design of a group of luxury villas with individual integrated solar roof system. Villas share their PV power through a common power bank thus compensating for the different occupancies.

Rio de Janeiro School 55kW

Design of solar PV for a school in Rio de Janeiro.


Solar Hot water projects :

IKEA Montreal:

Design of a system of 30 solar collectors for the usage of domestic hot water. this system generates free hot water reducing IKEA’s eco-footprint. The collectors have a 40 degree tilt.

Maho Sint Martin:

Design of 45 solar panels to pre-heat domestic water with available solar energy. In the event that solar heat does not suffice, the existing boiler is to be used to supply the remaining heat necessary to provide hot water to the rooms and kitchens at the required temperature. The sunny conditions and year-round warm temperature in Sint Maarten make it an attractive energy-saving measure that would reduce yearly propane consumption of the building Tower by about 43,558 lbs (35,282$ US @0.81$/lb). Overall consumption would thus drop to 16.24 million kWh and 469,182 lbs of liquid propane.