CLV Group


High Performance (Ventilation & Pumps)


The mandate was to do the MEP engineering for this project. This a Multi-Residential Building Units (MRUB) with more than 140 units. The pool ventilation system was modernized with an energy performant solution. Heat was recovered through the dehumidification process. This recovered heat was used to preheat fresh air in winter and preheat pool water. This solution reduces energy bills through advanced MEP engineering.

High performance and energy efficient booster pumps (22HP) were selected. We reduced the needs in water flow thus reducing capital acquisition costs of the pumps and their controls. Additionally, we used Variable Speed Drives to drive down further the energy consumption. An energy assessment was completed and recommending the use of a variable ventilation system reducing energy costs by 40%.

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Smart Energy
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